DIY  Cell  Phone  and Accessory Holder

Knock the socks right off your man by surprising him with this stunningly simple DIY Cell Phone Stand and Accessory Holder.

A typical DIY conversation at the Graham household.  The part you missed was when we were both actually really excited about this project.

Had a great time brainstorming the perfect, minimalistic, super easy to make, beautiful cell phone stand and accessory holder.

It’s perfect for propping up a phone or other device, and keeping a wrist watch or glasses carefully close by.

Keep it at a desk where you work, or at the bedside for giving those items a place to rest as well.

This whole project was really inspired by the incredibly beautiful 2 toned wood watch provided to us by JORD.

I was so excited to gift him this beauty!  He always puts his wants below ours, and spoiling him a bit from time to time makes me incredibly happy!

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