DIY Fabric Basket Facelift 

I wanted to be sure I shared the tutorial for our “fabric basket facelift project”, which resulted in some one-of-a-kind storage in our master bedroom makeover.


First, I removed the handle on the basket so I would have a smooth surface to work with.


Then I gathered the prettiest pieces of wood I could find in my pile.


I laid them all down on the collapsed baskets in the arrangement I wanted.


Then, I simply spread wood glue to the back side (not too much, not too little) of each wood piece, and placed it back in its rightful place on the face of the basket.


I needed some weight to press down on the wood and baskets, so my husband and I gathered anything that we could find to place on top while the wood glue dried.


After putting my house back together, the baskets were secure and placed in the cubbies of our closet.

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