DIY Gathered Bed skirt | From a Drop Cloth

The gathered bed skirt seems to have been the favorite piece among many of you in my DIY bedding for our master bedroom.

I am so excited to share how easy it was to put together – and affordable!


First, round up your supplies. You will need an old bed sheet or fabric large enough to cover the box spring of your bed, as well as the fabric for the skirt. You’ll have to do some measuring and figuring for just how much you need for the skirt itself.


Cut your sheet or fabric to the size of the box spring. You want it to be inside the box spring at least 3 inches from the edge so the gathers come out nicely from the inside without showing the sheet.


Then I figured how long my gathered fabric would need to be by measuring from the sheet to the floor. I gave it a slant because I knew I wanted full, flow-y ruffles that puddled a bit.


Then I laid out my bleached drop cloth.


I measured to 20 inches and snipped in about an inch and a half. Drop cloth will rip evenly. So rather than cutting everything at 20 inches, I could just add that snip and rip all the way down.

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