In any color

Learn how to make a reversible large framed chalkboard, in any color imaginable! 

I’ve got big plans for this big ol’ reversible Chalkboard of ours.  But for now, I’ve had fun styling it in our entry way, where we like to leave parting and greeting messages all day long.

When the plans came about for my husband and I to create this ginormous chalkboard, I knew I didn’t want the standard black or old school green color – as lovely and as classic as they are.

I also couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted a soft French blue, or a pastel Spring green . . . so I did both! We even varied the trim around the board, so each side has a very unique look.

I discovered this discounted wreath at Hobby Lobby, and I love to hang wreaths on the inside of our door.  I rarely get to see the outside any way.

I love the feeling of putting away all the bulky boots from Winter, which leaves the entry spots a little less cluttered.

Now for the building fun!  I want you to be sure to notice that we did not place the framing directly on the edge of the board.  We left a small lip, where I actually painted it a different color.

SUPPLIES: - MDF board - Trim pieces - Wood Glue - Sandpaper - Paint

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