This is the perfect beginner sewing project!  Use a small amount of fabric and basic sewing skills to sew beautiful and useful linen tea towels for your kitchen.

I want to show you how I took some scrap fabrics and a bit of our pure flax linen bed sheets, and turned them into beautiful and useful tea towels for our kitchen. 

WHAT FABRIC TO USE FOR TEA TOWELS Tea towels are characteristically light weight, don’t shed very many fibers, quick drying and are particularly great for resting over dough that is rising.

WHAT SIZE TO MAKE YOUR TEA TOWEL If you like a pretty standard size tea towel, you will want to cut your fabric rectangle at 28.5 x 19.5, to account for your seam allowance.

HOW TO MAKE A FRAYED EDGE ON YOUR TEA TOWEL I want to show you 2 ways you could finish off your tea towel. The first way is just a simple clean hem all around the towel. 

The second option is to leave one end with a frayed edge, which I think is particularly lovely with linen fabric.

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