This is it!  The perfect gift idea for anyone on your list!  DIY personalized etched glass water bottles – great for a family gift, for a He or a She, a big or a little.

A personalized water bottle, which would seriously come in handy if one were to bring it to work, to the gym, for sports, or for scenarios like this that play out frequently in our house.

SUPPLIES TO ETCH GLASS - ARMOUR ETCH This is a glass etching cream that will do the job fantastically. - VINYL - Q-TIPS Or a small paint brush will do the trick to apply the etching cream.

HOW TO ETCH GLASS First you need to position the vinyl sticker on the bottle where you want the name or design to be.

Then dip a q-tip in the etching cream and carefully apply it over the parts you want etched.  Make sure it is a thick layer and covers all spots.

After the wait period, rinse the cream off completely under running water. Dab your bottle dry, and then carefully remove the vinyl sticker.

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