DIY Photography Studio Backdrop

Catch the DIY tutorial for this dual-sided Wall on Wheels photography and filming backdrop, which is key to our garage studio while here in our temporary rental home.


1. Ryobi drywall screw gun  2. Ryobi impact driver  3. Ryobi drill 4. Ryobi narrow crown stapler 5. Drywall knife 6. Paint supplies


Start by laying out the studs with the two 10 foot long studs on the top and bottom of the wall and the 8 ft studs spaced two feet apart. Use the grabber screws to attach them to the 10 ft studs.


Lay the beadboard on the wall with half the stud showing so that two sheets can be nailed onto the same stud. Use the staple gun to staple one corner of the bead board down.


Finish stapling the board down and lay the next one down and staple it down. The last board will be cut in half lengthwise but I like to staple it down and cut it with a carpenter knife so that it will break off.


Cut the 4×4 boards at the following lengths: 1. 2 at 36″ 2. 4 at 19 3/4″ with 45 degree angles on each end (19 3/4 inches is the long measurement or point to point).


Measure 4 inches from one of the ends of the 36″ board and glue and screw (2 1/2″ grabber screws) one of the angled boards at this point, measure 4 inches on the other end and repeat.

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