Mr. TIDBITS is here to share his tutorial on how to make DIY tall raised garden beds. Here we’ll walk you through our process for building these cedar raised garden beds.

SUPPLIES: We used rough cut cedar wood to build the structure, and leftover tin from building our pole barn home.

TIN This tin was just leftover for us from building the house. It is actually a tin that is made to snap together and look like shiplap or planks.

HOW TO MAKE HIGH WAISTED RAISED GARDEN BEDS You will build 2 frames with two 68″ long boards for the top and bottom and two 24″ boards for the sides.

We used 2 inch Kreg weather resistant screws. Build 2 more side frames with the 28″ boards and 24″ boards.

Then you will attach them together by screwing the 4 frames together with the 68-inch longboards outside of the two 32 inch wide frames.

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