French Vintage Style

Take any old ugly table you might have laying around, and transform it into a lovely French accent table with this DIY ruffled tablecloth project.

I looked at the ugly and well loved fold-able table, and wondered if I could just cover it up somehow and use it as an accent table.

This white ruffled tablecloth has proven to be even more effective, as it works as a hidden toy storage spot now and an impromptu fort/hiding place for wee ones.

But since I took the time to decorate this space, let me show you around a bit more and talk about some of the sources for the items you see in the images.

At one of my antique store visits, I found a booth for 50% off and eyed everything for its full potential. In it I found these plastic gold mirror and candle sconces. 

They weren’t that pretty to look at, but I knew with a little dry brushing with white paint, they could look very French vintage and lovely.  I’m thrilled about how they look on the wall!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that lovely grain sack French accent chair by now.  Isn’t she beautiful! I have eyed this chair for awhile now, and knew it would look perfect next to the ruffled tablecloth. 

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