DIY Thrifted Glitter Putz House

Take any yikes, scary or icky Christmas Village house from the thrift store and give it a whole new look – a glitter putz house look, to be exact. Simple, affordable, and so stinkin’ cute!


1. Glitter 2. Mod Podge 3. Paint of choice 4. Brushes


First, paint your houses in the desired colors – 2 or 3 coats of paint may be necessary. Add snow drifts or embellishments as desired. My particular villages came with snow imprints on them already, and I painted them white.


Once completely dry, brush on the mod podge a section at a time.


Work fast to add the glitter and snow on top of the mod podge until you get the desired effect. Shake off any extra glitter and snow.


I used the diamond dust mostly on the roofs and tops of houses, the fake snow to clump on the snow drifts, and the fine glitter around the rest of the house.


There is no exact science to this process, so feel free to go with your gut and see where creativity takes you.

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