This DIY project is a romantic luxury at its finest!  Dust off those sewing skills and try your hand at this beautiful Valentine’s Lace Throw Blanket, trimmed with lace edging.

The construction of it is easier than you might think, as it is only a piece of silky fabric sewn together with lace fabric and trimmed around the edge with lace ribbon.

SUPPLIES: - 2 yards of your base or solid fabric - 2 yards of lace fabric - Lace trim

STEP ONE:  MEASURE AND CUT Be sure to leave 1 inch of the solid fabric to extend outside the lace overlay, because you will be hemming and need to account for that allowance.

STEP TWO:  HEM I’ve learned these slippery and delicate fabrics work best if you can hem before trying to pin and sew together.

STEP 3:  PIN Lay your fabric down on the ground, together as you wish them to end up being, with the lace on top.

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