Easy DIY Garage Storage Cabinets | Free Building Plans

If your garage is getting chaotic and you are having trouble locating where each item inside is being kept, this DIY garage cabinet storage will solve all your organization problems!

Here are free building plans and storage solutions for garage cabinets to organize all your tools, household supplies, automotive supplies, outdoor toys, garden tools . . . you name it!


We didn’t begin this project until we thoughtfully sketched out each interior and considered all our needs.  Things changed and adapted as we build the cabinets, but the sketch helped us think it through.


I started with adjustable shelves that could hold the weight of a few toolboxes, thus the use of pocket hole joinery to hide screws with wood glue that would create a much stronger union than just nails.


I also added spaces where I could store many small parts so I could finally organize my cans of miscellaneous screws and nails that I have collected over the years.


To adapt the storage space to future needs, I built hangers on the walls to form a wall cleat system so I could move the different tool bins I built to make room for more tools or easily change the layout of the cabinet down the road.


I did this by using a table saw set to a 45-degree angle, to rip 1×3 pine boards in half. One-half of the board goes on the wall. The other half goes on the tool bin or shelf.


The two pieces make a solid joint that holds the tool bin very well and yet allows things to move easily.

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