A tutorial for all the busy, tired mama’s out there who really want to delight their children and feed their creativity.  No one will ever guess how easy these no sew Applique T-Shirts really are.

I’m going to show you just how easy these shirts are to make.  They are completely no-sew, takes less than a nap time, and can be customized with any shape you can possibly imagine!

SUPPLIES: - T-Shirts - Felt Squares - Silhouette Image - Fabric Shears - HeatnBond - Pencil - Iron

STEP 1 Cut a piece of HeatnBond large enough to cover the size of your silhouette image.

STEP 2 Iron the textured side of the HeatnBond to the back side of your fabric piece.

STEP 3 Trace the silhouette shape onto the paper backing of the HeatnBond, with a pencil.

STEP 4 Carefully cut along your tracing marks, keeping your cuts as smooth as possible.

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