Taking a deep dive into kitchen design elements I love, that can be found in classic European kitchens – all to inspire the direction of our own new build kitchen.

Some of these images invoke an old world vibe, and others bring in these design elements to a more modern world. I love being inspired by both!

“EAT-IN” KITCHENS The “eat-in” kitchen is so charming to me! While 99% of America goes for the traditional kitchen bar, I’m going to brave the 1% and design our own “eat-in” kitchen.

OPEN SHELVING I love it! I would love to see all my favorite dishes and bowls beautifully displayed, whether that be on lower shelves, upper shelves, or unique pieces of furniture.

RANGE FOCAL POINT I swoon every time I see a cozy enclosed range area. It gives the kitchen a nice focal point and allows you to play around with different elements.

MIXED METALS I adore this new trend! It’s hard for me to settle on one metal finish so the freedom to mix and match is liberating. The more patina you can get in a metal – the better!

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