European Organic Laundry Room Design Reveal 

Sharing the reveal for our European Organic inspired laundry room-all grounded with a simplistic design aesthetic.

While surfing the web for design ideas for this new home, I came across the phrase “European Organic”.


I was so pleased when I pulled together these elements in the laundry room and felt they came together nicely and were familiar to me.

Experimenting with these elements in a small scale space has given me direction and confidence for the rest of the design decisions

8 FOOT FRENCH GLASS DOORS I love that they can swing open and hardly take any space on the inside.


CUSTOM CORNER LOCKERS They are darling, fit our space perfectly and will fit the needs of our family perfectly.

PLANKED WALL WITH SHAKER PEGS  We opted for some planks and shaker pegs, all painted with PPG color “Elemental”.

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