Fall Entry Way

A wee little Fall entry way tour, for a wee little space in our home. Join me now as I bring in subtle pink and copper tones to the greeting place of our humble abode.

Now I know I’ve shown you other spaces in our home already cozy-fied for Fall with pink and copper tones, but our small entry way is typically the very first to ring in the seasons. No exception was made this Fall.

The reason behind that is my personal philosophy – make the first thing your guests see look put together, and they just might be convinced that the rest of your life is too.

But of course, none of you will tell them otherwise, right? You certainly won’t tell anyone that they are likely to round the corner and find piles of dishes, toys scattered to the great abyss and beyond, and dinner is hardly ready.

Nope. We are going to leave those dirty little secrets right at our perfectly cute entry way.

Complete with hand painted perfectly cute pink and copper pumpkins.

Now go and spruce up that entry way of yours, whether big or small. And leave all your dirty little secrets of a messy and incredibly beautiful life, with me.

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