Fall Home Tour | In The Entry Way

I wanted to be sure you didn’t feel you need to spend a fortune to decorate for Fall.  I want to show you 7 Natural elements, found right outside, that can add beauty and comfort to your homes this time of year.

PUMPKINS There are many fun things you can do to spruce them up, I can’t help but feel they are perfect just as mother nature intended them to be.

CHANGING LEAVES Changing leaves are such a beautiful part of Fall and bringing them into the home can add so much natural beauty to your decor.

WHEAT CLIPPINGS They are lovely all by themselves gathered in a basket or bucket.

PINE CONES AND TREE FRUIT A basket of pine cones can transition your home all through Fall & Winter. I also like to place tree fruit such as peaches, or apples in baskets around the home.

FLORAL CLIPPINGS Whether they are from your backyard or the farmers market, floral clippings are a great way to bring a punch of beautiful warm colors into your home.

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