Fall Home Tour | Living Room

Pink and Orange take center stage in this Fall Home Tour in my living room. Color aside, read on to discover what little seasonal changes you can make in your home, even when you don’t feel like decorating for it!

I decided I could start with 4 things, and see what came about after that. The 4 things are: 1. Add something new. 2. Add something old. 3. Add something natural. 4. Add something bold.

And what to my wondering eyes, it all came together wonderfully. So here we go, let’s go over how this played out in my home, and see if we can trick your mind into doing the same.

Normally each season sends me on a re-arrange furniture kick, but this time it didn’t. But I still felt like we needed something new to look at and to prop Fall goodies.


Just so happens, Kirklands sent me on a shopping adventure to find that special something, and white washed double shelf console table is what I picked.

Typically, when I don’t feel like decorating, it may also be because I don’t want to spend a lot of money too. If you find yourself feeling the same, dig through your stuff and find something old and use it in a new way!


An old crock perhaps? A chippy old vase you spray painted eons ago? Chippy “old” pumpkins you made last year.

Natural actually means, coming from nature. But for me, natural also means, FREEEEEE! Or gather some really odd looks from your family when you bring in sunflowers with full intent to watch them shrivel up and die.


But sometimes natural can mean buying “natural looking” things from Hobby Lobby, just because they look pretty cool . . . in a natural sort of way.

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