Fall Leaves In Decor

A season as naturally beautiful as Autumn deserves to be inside and outside.  See how I’ve used Fall leaves and branches in my decor.

If you're feeling a little rebellious yourself, & would like to bring Fall branches into your home, keep in mind that placing them in water will lengthen the time before they curl up & dull slightly.

However, they most likely will not last full and vibrant for more than a week and a half.  But we’ve all enjoyed watching as they curl and Fall bit by bit onto the floor.

I may have gone overboard.  It may have been a bit extreme to bring a forest inside our home.

If you are looking for more FREE natural Fall decor ideas, you may want to read my previous article on 7 Natural Fall Elements that can bring beauty and comfort into your home.

What natural elements have you been using in your decor this season?  I’d love to know!

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