Fall Printable Watercolor Tags

Enjoy 4 varieties of Fall printable watercolor tags, and use them as gift toppers, in table settings, as a bookmark, strung as garland, dangling from branches – or anything else you can imagine!

If you think you’re not a painter or artist, I want to assure you that I’ve made this adult watercolor activity as elementary as it comes, because I myself tend to watercolor paint like a 3 year old.

When I had the idea to make some Fall themed tags for you, I really intended to make them in color. However, I enjoyed the therapeutic nature of painting them so much, I hoped you would have fun doing the color yourself as well.

You can simply grab your kids watercolor palette and play around with the black and white printout, or invest in some “special Mommy paints“, which I absolutely love for doing projects.

 There are so many fun things you can do with these simple and darling Fall tags, but I played around with them on a tablescape. I simply tied them onto a napkin to add a little interest to the setting.

They look nice with my mix and match “curated” dinnerware I’ve found in thrift stores through the years.

And my sweet family and I enjoyed a casual evening on the deck, enjoying the slight dip in temperature. I think entertaining should always be as effortless as possible – so everyone can enjoy!

I hope these printable tags help you add a little something special to your Fall entertaining and decorating. You can enjoy the simplicity of the black and white images, or venture into the world of watercolor painting.

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