DIY Fireplace Mantel Surround | Faux Cast Stone European Style

We wanted a fireplace mantel surround that resembled stone or a cast stone European style fireplace, but without the price!

See how we built our new mantel area for the living room focal point.

Kevin brought in wood and freehanded a curve for the legs, and took it out to the shop to refine the shape a bit better.

Process for building a diy fireplace surround and mantel piece

 Once we took a look and thought it through he went ahead and cut the pieces out. He used 1×8 boards for the frame and a 2×10 for the top. He used ¼ sheetrock and ¼ inch particle board for the curved portions.

He wanted to hide as many screws as he could to make a smoother finish in the end, so he used Kreg’s new pocket hole jig to prep holes for the final assembly.

He assembled the legs together with wood glue, clamps and screws.

He cut out the curved piece for the top, applied crown molding and the top mantel board. It was looking and fitting good at this point.

After everything was built he used an all purpose joint compound to cover all the wood surfaces and gave it the smooth rounded look that we were looking for.

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