Experience the wonderful flavors and smells of Fall in your home by making this flavorful, no sugar added Stovetop Applesauce.  It’s like potpourri you can eat!

INSTRUCTIONS  STEP 1:  PEEL, SLICE AND CORE APPLES Start by slicing your apples all about the same thickness.  Using a tool like a “apple-peeler-corer-slicer” is a major time saver.

STEP 2:  ADD WATER OR APPLE JUICE TO POT Then you’ll add about ¼ – ½ cups of water to the pot.  If you happen to have apple juice around, this makes a wonderful substitute for water.

STEP 3:  ADD SPICES We love to throw in a few full cinnamon sticks to the pot to infuse the flavor to the max!  I even added a couple of pieces of whole Allspice.

STEP 4:  LET APPLES SIMMER UNTIL FORK TENDER This is where the magic happens!  Bring the apples to a slow simmer and stir occasionally.  They will reduce in size and release their juices.

STEP 5:  REMOVE WHOLE SPICES If you added allspice or cinnamon sticks, remove them before blending.

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