French Cottage Bathroom Makeover

Don’t ever let a dark and dingy bathroom lead you into the depths of despair! Enjoy this inspiring reveal of our new French Cottage Bathroom makeover.

In true TIDBITS fashion, we worked on building classic foundational elements to the space, and then infused the room with thrift and vintage finds to add character and charm to our home.

Adding a small window to the space was the first major transformation. It’s my personal philosophy, but no bathroom should be without a window. Steam, hot irons, hair spray . . . ventilation is good.

After the window, we dug into the other design elements. The first thing we need to chat about is the breathtaking white marble. There were so many pretty options, but after installing this marble, I had no regrets. Not a single one.

A perfectly chippy green stool looks stunning surrounded by marble. And to think my mother suggested I give it a fresh coat of paint!

Moving on from the stool . . . let’s talk about the vanity. She’s a beauty too, and welcomes French style and handy dandy bathroom storage into this space.

I love this vintage style sink faucet I found on Amazon, and I added a thrift store mirrored tray and other thrifted findings to the countertop.

I even had to make the T.P. holder and waste can attractive for a space like this.

Some other fun finds were this handheld mirror, and this half bowl I use to hold a washcloth, comb, and often my phone while I listen to podcasts in the morning.

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