French Cottage Bathroom Reveal

Don’t ever let a dark and dingy bathroom lead you into the depths of despair! Enjoy this inspiring reveal of our new French Cottage Bathroom makeover.

Adding a small window to the space was the first major transformation.  It’s my personal philosophy, but no bathroom should be without a window.

After the window, we dug into the other design elements. There were so many pretty options, but after installing this marble, I had no regrets. Not a single one.

Even a perfectly cheapy $10 green stool looks stunning surrounded by marble.  I think it alone brings in the cottage feel I was hoping for & is perfect for assisting my wee ones in reaching the sink.

Let’s talk about the vanity. She’s a beauty too, and welcomes French style and handy dandy bathroom storage into this space.

I painted it with some FolkArt Metallic paint, and about $20.00 later, we have a beautiful large mirror!

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