From Rope to Rug: A DIY Tutorial to Get You Started

From rope to rug – this DIY tutorial will show you how to create a stunning outdoor accessory that rivals the look of an expensive jute rug.


– Rope – An inexpensive outdoor mat – Heavy Duty Liquid Nails


The first thing you’ll want to do is cut all your rope pieces to size. I measured them up to the length of the mat, and then added a few inches extra to each end, for the fraying effect.


Then I just began spreading glue in rows and laying my rope directly on top of the glue and pushed as closely together as possible.


After my door mat was completely covered with the rope, I took some extra rope and unwound the coils so I had some smaller threads to work with on the ends.


I simply wove the threads through and around each open rope on the ends. Then I put my 8 year old daughter to work to help me unwind and fray each end piece.

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