Fun Painted Brass With Patina Technique 

Don’t let a dated brass thrift store find scare you away! Try this fun painted brass with patina technique to revive even the worst of home decor items.

This wall shelf was one of my discovered goodies, and the perfect size to prop some folded washcloths and a place to hang towels in our small bathroom.

I want to show you the super simple painting technique I used to give this brass shelf a white face lift and loads of beloved patina.

The Pickling Wash paints work great on wood to give it an aged feel, but I have yet to try those myself. But I already knew I loved the Folkart Milk paint but I wondered how it would work on this brass shelf.

So I began to layer on the brushed metal paint, and was very pleased with how it adhered to the brass. It acted much like a primer would, and gave me a nice dry abrasive surface to layer the milk paint on.

After a couple of coats of brushed metal, the gold/orange tones of the brass were practically diminished and it was ready for the milk paint.

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