Building Garage Curb Appeal

I am learning that even the mere thought of curb appeal on a new home build can be extremely overwhelming.

I’d love to show you what we have done so far and share some exterior garage design ideas with you.

There are a couple of reasons why we are turning our focus on the exterior of the home. 1. Winter is coming

2. The front of our detached garage in particular is the first thing you pull up to and see from the road. Perhaps not ideal, but was the best solution for this spot of land.


While things slowly progressed on our house this garage front sat unfinished for way too long, due to the rest of our delivery being greatly delayed, and contractors not showing up when they say they will.


We opted to try out a very basic flush panel garage door style. No windows, no custom carriage house details, just very very basic.

We selected this Behr Ultra Exterior Paint in a Satin finish – with help from my little shoppers.



I was delighted to see the color “LIGHT DRIZZLE”, which is lovely shade of soft blue/gray. Around my parts, we call this color tone, “TIDBITS blue”.

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