Homemade Mongolian Grill

Homemade Mongolian Grill is oh-so-delicious that my husband and I, being true to our do-it-yourself selves, decided to give it a try at home. It was such success, and sooo easy!


– Frozen broccoli – Frozen pea pods – Frozen green beans – Frozen carrots – Frozen hashbrown cubes


I like to start with the noodles and meat and just throw it in the bowl.


Then go super crazy with the veggies because they are healthy and you can never have enough, right?! Just pile them all on top.


Next pick a variety of sauces and dump in to your hearts content. You don’t want to be too stingy with the sauce, because that is the moisture that is going to help it all cook.


As far as cooking goes, there are many ways to do it.  We’ve done it indoors a couple of times, just with an electric skillet – and it worked great.  We enjoyed this time using a camp chef and a cast iron pan or dutch oven.


All you do is hand it to the grill master and they dump it in an already hot surface. You’ll want to be sure to stir it up real good at first.  Then you can let it sit a bit and cook and then stir again.

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