It wasn’t too long ago when I noticed honey sticks popping up in the grocery stores and I delighted in giving my children a small taste of my childhood.

My kiddos adore when I sneak one into their lunch box, and I adore that they get to have a sweet treat that isn’t full of refined sugars.

I wanted to find a way to have my kids use honey sticks in their Valentines swap for their classes, so I made up some cute printables to share.

All you need to do is print, tape and let your kids deliver the yummy fun. I found some black and yellow washi tape at Hobby Lobby that seemed to suit the project well.

I kept the printable black and white, which will allow you to print on any color of paper to customize your look.

I stuck with brown craft paper (also found at Hobby Lobby) for a more natural look and feel, but any color would be fun.

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