Here I was, proud as can be that I managed to make my laundry look absolutely stunning in pictures while baskets of week old clean laundry sat in heaping piles in my bedroom just waiting to be folded and put away.

And now, without further ado, my 5 tips on how to be super lousy at doing laundry + my favorite laundry products to use for my chemically sensitive family.

TIP #1:  HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LAUNDRY SCHEDULE I’m sure if I had a routine schedule, things would go significantly smoother.

TIP #2:  LET YOUR CLEAN LAUNDRY SIT WADDED UP IN A BASKET FOR DAYS Just don’t ever fold your laundry!  It’s a real time savor

TIP #3:  WASH YOUR DARKS WITH YOUR WHITES You can see from my images, I knowingly separated my whites out and washed them aside from the darks.

TIP #4:  ASK YOUR CHILD TO START THEIR LAUNDRY WITHOUT SUFFICIENT INSTRUCTION I should have realized 2 things: - It meant that she was sick and tired of waiting for mom to get to her laundry stash - I should probably have showed her before hand how to properly load a washer.

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