How to Choose Art the Whole Family Will Love  

Sharing ways to choose art the whole family will love and discussing our NEED to create art and beauty in our lives.

Filling your walls and shelves with meaningful images or words for everyone can happen in 3 easy steps. Let’s explore each step.

1 – EXPOSE THEM TO ART Parents and spouses know their loved ones best, and can better introduce them to what may connect with each family member.

2 – OBSERVE THEIR CONNECTIONS No matter how deep our blood runs, no two humans are the same and our tastes for art often vary drastically.

By the way – even a cute 4 year old can connect to art.  He loves having this picture in his room.

3 – MAKE IT PERSONAL TO THEM Somehow, I managed to make “a wall” transform into something that felt familiar and comfortable to them.  

Our blank walls can become so much more when they become a representation of who we are and what we believe in.

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