How To Dry Cranberries For Decorating

Dried cranberries can make such a beautiful decoration for your home and gifts during the holiday season. Here, you’ll learn how to dry cranberries for decorating.


1. Food dehydrator 2. Food dehydrator trays 3. Parchment paper or tray liners 4. Fresh Cranberries


WASH AND DRY THE CRANBERRIES  When you get your fresh cranberries, give them a good wash and dry them thoroughly.


PLACE CRANBERRIES ON FOOD DEHYDRATOR TRAYS Lay the cranberries out onto a food dehydrator tray and don’t overcrowd them.


It’s actually best if you put down some parchment paper or a tray liner first, so that if there is shrinkage they won’t fall through the tray holes.


START THE FOOD DEHYDRATOR You’ll want to set your food dehydrator to 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit to dry the cranberries.


WATCH AND WAIT Keep a very close eye on the fruit in the dehydrator. If you have other fruit, like oranges and apples, I recommend checking those every hour or so.

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