How to HangPlates on the Wall

DIY Hack

Read on to find out how to hang plates on the wall, easily and affordably with this simple DIY hack.

Plates on a wall. Who’d a thought, huh?? I mean, the concept seems a bit un-natural, but then you put them up there and all is right with the world.

I’ve spent money on sticky things and metal things that claimed to do the job, but finally landed on this simple DIY plate hanging hack for secure and clean placement of the plates on the wall.

Let me walk you through my process and list all the household supplies you will need to hang your own plate or collection wherever you desire.

SUPPLIES: - A plate or plate collection – Small amount of felt – Medium size safety pin - Hot glue gun and hot glue - Scissors

Cut a small square of felt to overlap the safety pin about 1/2 inch around each side.

Determine your placement for the plate to hang and add a small strip of hot glue along the inside rim of the back of the plate.  Place the safety pin upside down onto the glue.

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