How To Make A Reversible Duvet Cover

I’m going to share all I can to help you duplicate the look or use the tutorials to create your own unique look – starting with the reversible duvet cover.


– Comforter – Fabric – Invisible zipper



Begin by finding an open area that will fit your duvet, even if it is a dark basement full of kids and clutter (it’s not all pretty around here, I assure you).

Lay the first side of fabric down on the ground. Straighten it out enough that you can fit the comforter down flat on top of it with the top edge of the fabric laying about 1 1/2 inches past the top of the comforter.


If you bought the 6 yards of fabric, it should go way past the comforter. Simply cut at the bottom with about 1 1/2 inches past the comforter.


Then remove the comforter from the scene for a moment, and cut the remaining fabric to match the first cut – and remove the excess. So you should have 2 pieces the same length and width.


You need 2 cuts because the fabric is not as wide as the comforter. However, you do not want a seam right down the middle to join the fabric, but placing 2 seams to the side of the bed looks much better and generally what they do for all store bought duvets.

So fold one of your cuts down the center, and cut right down your fold.

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