How to Make Diy Large Framed Chalkboard – In Any Color!

Learn how to make a reversible large framed chalkboard, in any color imaginable! With one simple ingredient, you can turn any can of paint into chalkboard paint for any surface.


1. MDF board 2. Trim pieces  3. Wood Glue 4. Sandpaper 5. Paint


If you want a magnetic surface, begin by adding 2 layers of magnetic primer paint to both sides of the MDF board.


I found this Rust-oleum brand at Home Depot. I’ve tried magnetic spray paints in the past and found them not to work as well as the roll-on paint.


That paint will need to dry completely, so work on painting the trim pieces as well. Any type of paint will work for the trim and feel free to distress and antique the pieces with dark wax like I did.


Once you’ve covered the MDF board completely with magnetic paint (if choosing to do so) it is time to prepare the chalkboard paint.


You will be mixing any interior paint with non sanded grout. This mixture will not store well for more than a few hours and gets thicker the longer it sits, so I recommend mixing less than you think you need, so as to not waste more paint than you need to.

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