How to Make DIY Wooden Egg Holders

Beautifully display those farm fresh eggs with these DIY Wooden Egg Holders. Decorative, useful and would make a stunning DIY gift!

We are excited to share the tutorial and tools you need to make your own DIY wooden egg holders.


– Ryobi’s plunge router – Roman carbide DC1065 1-1/2″ round nose router bit – Round over router bit  – Scrap wood and clamps – Straight edge


Start by deciding what length you want to cut the board. For six eggs I cut the board 7 1/2 inches long. Add two inches for every pair of eggs after that.


Then cut the board to 4 1/2″ wide.


Make your first mark on the board at 1 3/4″ then two inches for every egg pair after that.


I used a speed square to extend the marks across the full face of the board. This will help to keep the router lined up on each row.


In order to clamp the board I had to get a little creative since most of my woodworking supplies are in storage. I started by sandwiching the board between two scrap pieces of wood using a 5 ft wood clamp that reached all the way under the table.

I then clamped a straight edge on top of the table so that the center of my router bit was 1 1/4″ from the edge. All routers have a flat side on the bottom plate so measure from this point to the center of the bit.

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