DIY Pinch Pleat Curtains

Here is my guide on how to make Pinch Pleat Curtains. Showing you how to sew on pleat tape to your fabric or curtains, to make luxury pleated drapery.


1. Pleat Tape 2. Pleat Hooks 3. Curtain Rings 4. Fabric


PREPARE FABRIC  I washed and dried my fabric to reduce shrinkage problems in the future when I would wash the curtains. Washing linen also makes it far more nubby and delectable.


HEM SIDES I hemmed the sides of the fabric very first, by simply turning in the raw edges to encase them in a nice hem.


HEM THE TOP OF PANEL I prepared the top of the curtain, where the pleat tape was going to go, by simply turning the raw edge down about ½ inch and stitching it in place.


PIN IN PLEAT TAPE I took the fabric to the ironing board, and folded over the top edge of the panel, where the pleat tape was going to go.


Then I used the pleat tape to figure out how far to fold it over, making sure there was at least ¼ inch extra fabric at the top and bottom of the tape.


SEW EVERYTHING TOGETHER Then I took the panel to the sewing machine and stitched the pleat tape in place all around the top, bottom and edges.

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