How to Organize Baking Cupboard

I want to share with you my organizing process in hopes to inspire you to tackle a cupboard or closet that needs a bit more beauty and function for your life.

It’s really so simple and extremely rewarding! Now, let’s go through the simple steps of organizing a space.



The first thing I did was gather all the containers I currently had and wrapped my head around what exactly I wanted the purpose of this space to be.

A baking cupboard could hold lots of things, but since I only had this small space, I wanted to designate it just for dry goods and find a separate home for oils, extracts, fats, etc.

I knew this separation would make it easier to organize and keep my whole family in line with what actually goes in this cupboard.



After you’ve gathered all the containers or bins you have and want to use, it’s time to empty that cupboard or space completely.



Once all the items are out for you to see, it’s time to group like items. This helps you wrap your head around what you had in there, and what you will need to find organized space for.



At this point, with all the junk all over the countertops and spread out everywhere, it is easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed. This is why planning is so important.

Get out a paper, and jot down all the things that you want to go back in the cupboard or space. Try to envision your end goal or even sketch it out! This will really help you keep focused.

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