Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

So while the birds chirped outside, I decided to bring winter indoors for a day, and we had a BLAST creating a winter wonderland right inside our living room.

We had so much fun, I had to share these 5 indoor winter activities to enjoy, when winter just isn’t happening outside.

Sledding is my kids favorite thing to do in the winter time. We managed to fit it in once before the snow disappeared. To mimic the thrill inside, we used blankets and a little muscle and the kids took turns taking a ride around the house.


I set out their winter gear and they raced each other to see who could get it all on first. Then they had to strike a lovely pose on the fireplace. And to complete the races, it all had to come off.

2- Winter Clothes Race

They were to use anything they could think of to make a creative snowman. 2 of my girls teamed up and worked with the bean bags – and whatever they could find.

3 – Build a Snowman

She had to be left up all. day. long. Then my oldest spit out the funniest thing I have ever seen! Such ingenuity. We all had quite the laugh!

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