Inspiration for your Sketchbook

Perhaps you love using your sketchbook, or perhaps you don’t even feel you need one.

I’d like to inspire you with many reasons why keeping a sketchbook can be a wonderful and fulfilling thing to do, with 5 awesome resources to get you sketching!

When I made a sketchbook for my TIDBITS Planners line, I actually made it with my hubs in mind. He loves to sketch out landscaping plans, treehouse ideas and of course lots of room design sketches.

Well, it was a quiet Sunday afternoon and I turned on my TIDBITS Planning Worship Music Playlist, pulled out a fresh new TIDBITS sketchbook – and started to draw.

I’ve been amazed at how much steadier my hand has become so quickly, and I look forward to each new image I get to draw. My kids cheer me on and applaud my progress, just as I do for them.

As a result of this practice, I actually feel more confident in myself when it comes to learning something I thought I could never do.

I wanted to share this experience with you, in case you also had the thought that a sketchbook was “not for you“. Take 10-15 minutes a week, and just see what happens!

You can get a gorgeous sketchbook with a sturdy flat lay hardcover for only $10 right now! I’m trying to make room for new products so you’ll want to snag this deal while you can.

They make great gifts, and you might want to keep a stash for the kiddos as well. You never know what new hobby they will pick up if they see you doing it too!

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