Fresh Peach Pie

This is the only time of year peaches around here taste so heavenly. It’s enough to make someone want to go to pastry school and learn to make more delicious and to-die-for desserts.


– Whipped Cream – Sugar  – Vanilla – Warm water


First, you need a crust that has been baked and cooled. I must admit, I had determined to make 10 peach pie’s, so I went ahead and bought Marie Calenders frozen pie crusts to save time.


The next step is to make your glaze. Add the ingredients in a saucepan and heat on medium high heat, stirring continuously.


Heat until it just begins to thicken. Take off heat immediately. I pour it into another bowl at this point so it will cool quicker. The glaze must be cooled before you mix it with the peaches.


Then slice up 6 or 7 peaches, depending on how full you want your pie.


Add your cooled glaze to the peaches and mix until all the peaches are coated. Dump your peaches into the pie crust.

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