The Kid Friendly and Design Friendly Home Checklist

I wanted to walk you through each room of the home and give suggestions for ideas, products, and design concepts that are kid friendly and design friendly.

I truly believe that with a bit of creativity, resourcefulness and a well thought out plan, you can design any home of your dreams, no matter the stage of life you find yourself in.

Through my experience, and some trial and error, I have found a way to design my home to suit my style and function well with 4 young children at home.

I’ve discovered the importance of embracing my style and putting forth the effort it takes to really make a home I love, for the people I love.

Hopefully you will come away with some ideas to apply in your own life and a renewed desire to design and decorate to your hearts content.

I’d love to have you check out my 4 page “Kid Friendly and Design Friendly Home Checklist”

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