Kids Closet Organization

You know you’ve hit a home run on a space makeover when the 7 year old proclaims, “I feel like a princess with this closet!


1 – LESS IS MORE Consider storing away clothes that are out of season, and donating those items you haven’t worn for ages.

2 – MAP OUT YOUR ORGANIZATION  Decide exactly what you have room for and where each item will go.

3 – MAKE USE OF THE DOORS We bought inexpensive flat paneled doors to replace the bifold’s

4 – DRAWER SECTIONS To make the most of drawer space use dividers to separate items

5 – COHESIVE HANGERS The impact of these more quality built and cohesive hangers is probably my favorite feature of the closet.

6 – CLOSET DIVIDERS My little ones know exactly what to wear and are ready quicker in the morning with less nagging from mom.

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