How to make a Kids Workbench with Tool Storage

We built our son a kids workbench with lots of tool storage, so he could have his own work area and leave Mr. TIDBITS tools alone! We will walk you through the process and share our free building plans for this DIY kids workbench.

Our little boy is a Mr. TIDBITS in the making, and it couldn’t make my heart happier. Oh, how he loves to find any scrap piece of wood and put something interesting together. It is simply the cutest thing in the world!

We decided to make him his own little workbench and stock him up with his own kid friendly tools, so he can build to his little hearts content. For this project Kevin used the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 520PRO, with 1 ¼” screws.

He designed this kid’s workbench to include 3 wood boxes that he can pull out and take with him to build things around the garage or house.

He included 1 sliding drawer. Also included is an open area below where he can toss his wood scraps that he loves to give our boy to use.

While Kevin does all the cutting or other steps that might use power tools, we have stocked him up with tools that he can safely use for whatever he comes up with.

He also built him a step stool that is stored right inside the workbench. He built this to be 10 inches tall so he still has plenty of room to grow and will be able to use this for a long time.

For the top of the work bench, he put together some scrap black walnut and pine boards for a fun look and a solid work surface.

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