How to Layer a Comfy & Luxurious bed for kids

Today, I’m putting together my favorite part of any interior space… the linens! I’ll show you how to layer a cozy bed for kids because they deserve a comfy, luxurious bed too!

How to Layer a Bed in 9 Steps

If you’re looking for kids bedroom ideas, one of the final touches in any bedroom are the beds and bedding. If you want to learn how to make a cozy bed, then follow this step by step guide.

Layer 1: The Mattress

I’ve determined that it’s best to invest in beds and mattresses that will be kinder to growing bodies and will last until my kids are ready to leave the nest.

Sleepy’s Doze memory foam mattress line, get this—the top super thick memory foam layer is infused with gel and charcoal! The gel is there to help distribute the weight and relieve any pressure points.

Layer 2: The Mattress Protector

Protect your mattress investment with a waterproof mattress protector! I’ve learned this the hard way and will always get one for every bed in the house – kids and adults.

Layer 3: Sheets… or better yet… Beddy’s!

If you want to save your sanity and make bed-making easy peasy for kids (especially younger kids), Beddy’s Bedding is a game changer!

They are easy to make. They are easy to wash. If your washer won’t comfortably hold both layers, you can detach them at the zipper and wash the 2 pieces separately.

Layer 4: Cozy Top Blanket suited to the season

If it is a cold season, you’ll want a thicker blanket. If it is summer, you may want to lighten up the bedding load.

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