Living Room Updates

We are making slow and steady progress on our new pole barn home. Catch the details on our new living room couches and rug. More to come as this room comes together!

Words cannot express how pleased I am to finally see our living room come together.  I snuggled my babies, read books, watched TV and soaked up every relaxing lost minute.

The room is far from done, but I wanted to share the process of bringing it together as much as I could. With the couches and rug now in place, I feel like I can more confidently make the rest of the design decisions.

Just the other day, I picked up a couple of side tables from an antique store. A lot of furniture pieces and window treatments are on backorder so I have to keep waiting to finish it all up.

I’ve accepted that is just how it is these days and continue to work on other projects – which are not in short supply in a new unfinished home with a lot going on! Let’s dive deeper into the details on our rug and couch!


I love that it is 100% wool, and has some distressing among the beautiful blacks, greens, and browns.

I was really nervous about getting a dark rug, but I find it really grounds the room and allows me to throw in dark accents without them looking out of place. As I suspected, because it is 100% wool, it’s not necessarily a rug you’ll want to curl up and take a nap on.

But, once we get some accent chairs and a coffee table in here, there won’t be room to anyway. I really just wanted something that looked natural and genuine, and the couches can bring in the cozy!


I’m a huge fan of slipcovers! They are beautiful and washable, which is both very important to me. The colors I picked are “poppy seed” and “jasmine rice”, both in the Medium Weight Linen.

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