I Locked up my Kids Toys – and Discovered 12 Reasons to Keep it that Way

Sometimes, I don’t think we realize as mothers and homemakers, how much the decisions we make on a daily basis will impact our family.

Sometimes, the decisions I make prove to be better than I could have hoped for. I decided one day – I’d had enough. I made the choice to take all my kids toys and lock them in a closet in our basement.


My children have developed a love for books

I’ve seen that it is only natural that without toys all over the place, they are more apt to picking up the books they see around them for entertainment.


Without being connected to toys, my children connect with each other

I have observed many tender moments in the interactions of my children with each other. Sometimes those involve toys, but it is so much easier for them to do when toys are not there.


Kids really don’t need toys to entertain themselves  

Once the hype of picking out a box of toys everyday wore off, I found that my kids are so easily entertained, just by their surroundings.


My children don’t seem near as materialistic as they used to be.

Okay, new toys and gadgets still excite them as much as the next kid, but it doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as it used to.


Less toys and mess, means more everything else!

Because there is less clutter, less mess, less nagging, less fighting – there is more time for creativity, more exploration, more mommy lessons, more quiet time.

 In a nut shell, when I am not having to pick up stuff all the time, or beg kids to clean up, it’s amazing the hours in a day I have found!

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