Master Bedroom Planning | DIY Projects

Sewing bedding to custom fit our needs and desires is going to be a big one for me.

However, it’s times like these that I am so grateful I learned the skill of sewing, as I much prefer to create the exact look I prefer rather than searching high and low for high priced items.

I am hoping to find the perfect linen fabric to make my own duvet cover for our Linenspa down comforter. I love the bunched up, wrinkled look of linen.

I’d like to top the bed off with some lovely pleated, ruffled or tied accent pillows made from textured fabric (such as linen) as well.

I also love this pillowcase with the contrasting band and button edges. While I don’t plan to introduce red into the space, I love the idea of this striped pillow.

I’m also toying with the idea of adding a long grain sack striped pillow as an accent pillow as well.

We have a big bay window in the space and I like the window treatment. I think I’ve sewn every curtain in our house so far, because I love getting just the right length and bunch that I hope for.

On the handy hubs list of DIY’s is a lot of woodworking, which if he can find the time – he loves to do. We both agree that it would be great to have a bench at the end of the bed. This bed easy enough to build and we love the simplicity of it.

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