Metallic Fall Pillows

DIY your way to the most stunning metallic Fall pillows, that look better than anything you can buy from the store.

I’m going to show you how to transfer the foil onto fabric, which you can then use that appliquéd fabric to create one of a kind pillows.

SUPPLIES: - DECO FOIL transfer sheets - DECO FOIL fusible spray adhesive - DECO FOIL parchment paper - Fabric - Freezer paper 

MAKE A STENCIL To begin, we are going to make a stencil from the freezer paper.

ADHERE THE STENCIL TO FABRIC Freezer paper is perfect for making stencils for fabric.  The shiny layer will temporarily adhere to the fabric, and peel right off without residue.

SPRAY ADHESIVE After shaking the can of DECO FOIL spray adhesive, spray inside the stencil to create a light and even layer of the adhesive onto the fabric.

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