Mongolian Grill At Home

This story contains instructions for quickly and easily creating your own DIY Mongolian Grill at home, perfect for company, grill nights or even camping. Enjoy!

I’ll name our favorite foods to have in the assembly line & give suggestions, but feel free to branch out and select your own favorite veggies, meats, noodles, toppings & sauces.


I like to cook up 2 kinds of noodles, and I use them both in my bowl.  Our preference is spaghetti noodles (kid friendly, too) and rice noodles.


You can go crazy with the meats. The restaurant we go to has fish options, beefs, sausages of all kinds, chicken, etc.


All I do is slice the sausages. The chicken is really easy to prepare as well, as I just take a frozen chicken breast and slice them as thinly as I can manage.


Now let’s talk about sauces. I grab whatever I happen to have in my fridge, but I love to make sure I have a teriyaki sauce & a sweet and sour sauce & some hot sauce.


Now while you are prepping, don’t forget the toppings.  Peanuts, sunflower seeds, a dash of coconut, and low mien noodles are delicious on top of it all.


Now I’d like to go over the process of making and cooking each bowl. I like to start with the noodles and meat and just throw it in the bowl.

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